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February 20, 2018

2/20/2018 10:54:00 PM
Steps to create a predefined configuration:

a. Create a new item number in Master Items.  Provide Item Number, Description, UOM.  Use a template to apply other attributes.  typically use the ATO Item template.  The item needs to have the Assembly To Order flag checked on the Order Management group.  In addition, you need set the value of "Base Model" on the Bill of Material group on the Item Definition.  The Base Model is the model that Configurator will invoke when you configure the bill.

b. Assign the new item to your manufacturing org (assuming that is where you want to create the bill).

c.  Go to Bill of Materials and in the header region of the form, type in your new item number created in step 1 above.

d. Place your cursor in the components region of the BOM form.  Now to up to Tools > Configure Bill.  It should now be an enabled option.  When you click this option, Configurator will be invoked.

e.  In the Configurator screen, make all the necessary configurations.  
              Click Finish.  Configurator will close
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