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February 6, 2018

2/06/2018 11:32:00 PM
Here I am discussing some basic difference between EBS and Fusion Import(Supplier) process

EBS tableS
Fusion Tables


 The supplier import processes is only used to create new entities; it cannot be used to update entities.

Suppliers must be run first, followed by the Supplier Sites import process. Once the data is inserted, the following concurrent processes must be run to create the information in Oracle Fusion Suppliers.

• Suppliers Import Process

• Supplier Sites Import Process

• Supplier Site Contacts Import Process

• Supplier Site Assignments Process

Supplier import processes contain the following parameters:

 a. Procurement BU: Includes a list of valid procurement business units to which the Supplier Administrator has access based on data access privileges. The procurement BU is not an input required for supplier import, but is required for other import processes.

b. Import Options: Options include All, New, and Rejected. Import Options are used to determine if the import process should attempt to import new, rejected, or all rows from the respective open interface table.

 c. Report Exceptions Only: Exceptions are Yes or No and are used to determine if the Import Process Reports will print success and rejected information, or just the rejected information
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