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March 3, 2018

3/03/2018 05:52:00 PM
Oracle APPS AR autoinvoice

GL Date Validation In AutoInvoice
1.     The entered or derived GL date must be in an Open or Future enterable accounting period.  
2.     The GL date cannot be in a Closed, Closed Pending, or Not Opened period if the GL Date in a Closed Period field for your batch source is set to 'Reject.' (For invoices that use Bill in Arrears rules, AutoInvoice always rejects lines that have a general ledger date in a closed period.)
3.     The period must exist in GL_PERIOD_STATUSES. 
4.     If Accounting Rules are used, all periods must be defined for the duration of the accounting rule in GL_PERIOD_STATUSES.
5.     If 'Post To GL' is set to No on the transaction type of the transaction being passed, the GL_DATE column must be NULL.
6.     If your invoice uses Bill in Arrears as the invoicing rule, then the GL_DATE column should be NULL.
7.     If the Line Type being processed is Tax or Freight, the GL_DATE column should be NULL.
8.     The GL date of a credit memo cannot be before the GL date of the associated invoice and/or the invoice date.

Oracle Receivable AutoInvoice

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You can specify whether AutoInvoice will reject or partially create transactions that have a GL date in a closed period as shown in Fig1 For example, you import an invoice with three invoice lines and one of the lines is invalid. If the value of the Invalid Line option for this batch source is set to 'Create Invoice,' AutoInvoice will create the invoice with only the two valid lines. You can then use the Transactions Workbench to add the line that was rejected.
If Invalid Line is set to 'Reject Invoice as shown in Fig1,' AutoInvoice will not import this transaction or any of its lines into the interface tables. Transactions that fail validation appear in the AutoInvoice Validation report. The values you enter in the AutoInvoice Processing Options tabbed region of the Transaction Sources window determine how AutoInvoice will process transactions with invalid data. See Section 6 on Transaction Batch Sources.
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