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March 6, 2018

3/06/2018 11:05:00 PM

Can we change UOM once item is defined?

Once the item is defined, One cannot change the primary UOM of the item anymore.
If the item has not been transacted, in that case one  can delete the item and then re-define the item with the correct UOM.
Delete Items
To delete a item if no transactions exist :

1. Navigate to inventory / items / delete items
2. Create a delete group for the child organization in question.
3. Add the item to be deleted
4. Run delete group to see if any constraints will be triggered.

* If the item gets deleted, it can be recreated from the assign organizations form  (master items) with a different primary UOM assigned in this form

If the item has been transacted and has no outstanding orders, purchase orders or WIP jobs, you can do the following if approved by your management.

1. Update Profile Option: INV: Updateable item name = Yes at the User Level
2. Rename the existing item 'Test Item to 'Deleted Test Item' and save the item.  Any prefix can be used that will hide the item from users.
 Any prior history for item 'Test Item' will now be associated with item 'Deleted Test Item'.
3. Add a new item '123' with the correct UOM.
4. Process/ cancel pending transactions and issue all on-hand for item 'Deleted Test Item' out of stores.
5. Receive on-hand back for new item 'Test Item'
6. Inactivate 'Deleted Test Item
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