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March 29, 2018

3/29/2018 03:07:00 PM
Service Contracts Order Reprocessing Program" was responsible for the creation of contracts by picking the data from the OKS_REPROCESSING table.
The R12 Order Capture integration has the following changes:
  • OM places the data directly into OKS_REPROCESSING table.
  • Users directly run "Service Contracts Order Processing Program" for the creation of contracts.
  • There is no Service Contracts Order Capture Integration concurrent program(11i)
11.5.X        Service Contracts Order Capture Integration" did three jobs:
  1. Get the data from ASO queues.
  2. Insert the data into OKS_REPROCESSING.
  3. Launch the Reprocess order concurrent program
There are API's to accomplish this jobs

  •  cs_charge_create_order_pub.submit_order
  •  CS_Charge_Create_Order_PVT.Submit_Order
  •  ASO_ORDER_INT.Create_order
  •  OE_Order_GRP.Process_Order
  •  OE_Order_PVT.Process_Order
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