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May 9, 2018

5/09/2018 03:51:00 PM
An item category is a multi-segment value that describes the item.  An example would be:  Corporate.Professional Services.Consulting.Software  This is also a reporting tool and depends on the client's entire purchasing strategy.
category is a logical classification of items that have similar characteristics.

The catalog is a grouping/collection of items from one supplier that is used primarily in iProcurement for creating requisitions. A catalog can be internal (sourced from a Blanket PO usually) or external, via a punchout in iProcurement to a supplier site like Staples, Office Depot, Corporate Express, etc.

The values of those descriptive elements for each item assigned to the catalog group are stored in
MTL_DESCR_ELEMENT_VALUES. Recommended aliases and recommended categories to be used with the items assigned to a catalog group are stored in MTL_ICG_ALIASES and MTL_ICG_CATEGORIES.
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