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June 25, 2018

6/25/2018 09:29:00 PM
Approval Rules
Approval rules are routing policies or rules that are evaluated to determine the approvers or FYI (for your information) recipients for a business transaction.

Action Type
There are three types of actions:

Approval Required: The document or object will be routed for approvals.

Automatic: The document or object can be approved or rejected automatically.

Information Only: FYI tasks will be sent to notify the specified persons.

Route Using

The Route Using attribute identifies the type of users needed to approve or receive notification of a document. The following list is supported for document approval.

  • Approval Group
  • Job Level:
  • Position Hierarchy
  • Single Approver
  • Supervisory Hierarchy
  • User-Defined Routing

Job Level Routing:

The Job Level attribute allows you to specify:

Approval Chain Of

Select the approval chain of the persons within a document

Start With

Identify the first participant in a list. The Start With attribute can be:

Manager (default value).

The value selected in the Approval Chain Of choice list.

Minimum Job Level

Top Worker in Hierarchy

Identify the person at the top of the employee hierarchy, or the top person in the approval chain. In most cases, this is the CEO.


Indicates if everyone returned in the list of participants from this action will be included, the first and last approver from the list will be included, or only the last approver will be included.
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