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August 20, 2018

8/20/2018 04:13:00 PM
When trying to schedule arrival date based on customer calendar,schedule arrival date is not considering and shipping happening on customer non-work days.

Expected Behavior
Expect scheduling to take into account customer calendar and not schedule arrival for non work day.

1. Created a calendar CUSTOMER and assigned it to a customer for shipping usage.
2. Assigned only Mondays as days on.
3. Created a sales order for that customer and scheduled one of the lines. The result for both schedule and arrival was <dd-mon-yyyy> which is a day off according to the calendar.

The issue is caused by the following setup
'Assign Shipping Calendars' the Calendar Usage =Shipping.
The setup causes the issue because the Schedule Arrival Date only takes into account the workday calendar when Calendar Usage = Receiving, as the trading partner (customer) is receiving the goods.

1. Go into the responsibility: Order Management Super User
2. Navigate : Shipping> Setup> Calendars> Assign.
3. Assign calendar as Type: Customer and Calendar Usage : Receiving
4. Retest the issue.
5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.
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