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October 13, 2018

10/13/2018 12:22:00 AM
Why is an approved Requisition Line not available in the autocreate form to create into a Purchase Order ?


It is possible that a PO has been already created from the Requisition Line.
NO we can't create PO from already used Requisition line

How to check  if the REQ is ready for Autocreate Process :

By running the following queries one can find whether PO is created from Requisition or not

   select * from
    where segment1 = & requisition number
       select * from
        where requisition_header_id = & header id
         select * from
           where requisition_line_id = & line id

2- At line Requisition Line level, REQS_IN_POOL_FLAG should not be N

3 - At Requisition Line level, LINE_LOCATION_ID should be null

If case "REQS_IN_POOL_FLAG" = N  and 'LINE_LOCATION_ID' has a value, then that means a PO has been already created from that Requisition Line

In that case we can't create Purchase order from Requisitions
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