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November 8, 2018

11/08/2018 02:20:00 PM

How to Transfer Accounting to General Ledger in Release 12

A)Create Accounting is used for Release 12 to Generate Accounting:
Receivable Responsibility:


LOV Create Accounting 

Parameter: Transfer to General Ledger is used to move the records created by Create Accounting from the XLA tables to the General Ledger Tables.
If you select to not transfer to General Ledger then setup and run the following to move records from the XLA tables to the General Ledger Tables.

B)To Transfer Journal Entries after the Create Accounting Process:

'Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger' must be run, to transfer to GL_INTERFACE records that are already in XLA tables
1. Access the following to find this program.
Responsibility: System Administrator
Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger is found under Application Subledger Accounting.
Short name: XLAGLTRN 

2. To add to the Receivables Responsibility: 

System Administrator
Query the name of the Responsibility
Check for 
Request Group: Receivables All 


Query the Request Group: Receivables All
Add Record:
Type: Program
Name: Find the program under the LOV.
This will add to your AR Responsibility Menu
3. Access Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger listed in Menu to move records from xla tables to General Ledger Tables
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