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November 7, 2018

11/07/2018 10:05:00 PM

What is a Payment Process Request (PPR) Template?

"Oracle Payables uses templates created [by users] in the Templates tab of the Payments Manager [module] to simplify pay run [PPR] processing. A payment process request template [allows you to predefine]
·         invoice selection criteria, payment attributes,
·          Processing instructions, and
·          specifies how validation failures should be handled [in other words, predefine a PPR header].

Payment process request templates enable you to:
·         minimize data entry by saving you from re-keying frequently used values, which simplifies and expedites manually-entered pay runs.
·         retrieve cash requirements for the invoices that will be selected for payment by running the Schedule Cash Requirements Report.
·         schedule payment process requests to run on a repeating basis.
·         submit specific payment process requests by specifying a template that is used as a parameter and which contains all the information needed for submitting the particular payment process request.
·         use a template as a starting point for submitting pay runs."

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