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November 4, 2018

11/04/2018 11:36:00 AM


  • Employee Type Supplier cannot be created from Suppliers form because the 'Supplier Used to Process Expense Payments to Internal Employees' value is not available in the List of Values (LoV)
  •  The attribute 'Supplier type = Standard supplier' is defaulting/disabled and can not be changed at Supplier creation time
  • System has been setup to create automatically the Supplier at the Expense Report creation time, but it is not being created
  • Unable to queried  Employee Type Supplier from Suppliers form.
  • Employee Type Suppliers are not visible from Suppliers 

1) Navigate to System Administrator > Application > Menu
2. Query for the menu: POS_HT_SP_FULL_ACCESS_MENU
3. Verify the Function: Create/Update Employee Supplier Details (POS_HT_SP_EMP_SUPPLIER) has the "Grant" Flag Checked.  If not, check it and commit the changes. 
4. The system will now recompile the menus through a concurrent request. Record the concurrent request id and wait for request to complete.

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