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January 30, 2019

1/30/2019 11:33:00 AM
How to update the pricing date on the sales order lines?

This functionality are not available at present.But we have workarounds by using mass change

A) Use 'mass change' to update all lines on the order at once with the new pricing date
Here are the steps:
1. When the order is booked, update the header with the current date in the field pricing date.
2.  Go to the line items tab
3.  From the top Applications menu, select Edit > Select All
4.  From the top Applications menu, select Tools > Mass Change (this will bring up a new window)

Oracle Order Management Mass change

5.  Click on the pricing tab
6.  Enter the pricing date, same as the order header value entered.
7.  Click ok.
8.  When you receive the note: Mass Change Completed Successfully, click OK
      Cursor is returned to the line items tab on the sales order
      Click the pricing tab
      Verify the pricing date (under the pricing tab) is updated to this new date.
      The pricing engine is then automatically triggered by updating the 'pricing date',
      so there should be no need to manually reprice the line. 
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