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January 24, 2019

1/24/2019 02:27:00 AM
Can we cancel drop shipment after it is received?

Drop shipments cannot be canceled once Oracle Purchasing obtains the receipt. 
To cancel a drop ship sales order line, ensure that no receipts have been created against the line.and that the requisition and/or purchase order associated with the line is canceled.
Cancellation of a Partial Drop Ship receipt is allowable. But only the portion that has not been received can be canceled. 
If you cancel a drop shipment line for which you have not shipped the entire quantity, the order processing splits the line. 
The first line contains the quantity shipped and the second line contains the non-shipped quantity in backorder. 
You can cancel the second line (the backorder on the sales order). 
The PO line quantity should be changed to reflect the new quantity.
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