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January 24, 2019

1/24/2019 01:49:00 AM
How can we prevent users from cancelling order lines when delivery details are released to warehouse?

 If you want to prevent users from canceling order lines when delivery details are Released to Warehouse,  you will need to define a new processing constraint as follows:

1 As the order management super user, navigate to setup ->rules->security->processing constraints
2 Use search icon, find entity 'Order Line'
3 Use the green + icon at the top to insert a new record
4 Select operation 'Cancel'
5 System changes: Select 'Never after insert'
6 User changes: select 'Never'
7 In the conditions region, click on the first row. A group number will appear
8 For validation entry, select Order Line
9 For Record set, select Line
10 For validation set, select 'Released to Warehouse'
11 Verify that the Enabled checkbox is checked.
12 Enter some informative text for User Message. Suggestion "You are not allowed to cancel an order line if the related delivery detail is Released to Warehouse"
13 Save your changes
14 Now try to cancel an order line which has a delivery detail in status 'Released to Warehouse'. The system should throw a processing error and not allow this action.
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