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February 9, 2019

2/09/2019 03:05:00 PM
XML Reports Complete With Warning - Unable To Find An Output Post Processor Service To Post-Process Request
When XML Reports are run, they complete with the Warning message:

+------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------+
Unable to find an Output Post Processor service to post-process request XXXXXX (request_id).

Check that the Output Post Processor service is running.

Follow the following instructions to resolve issue

1. Please shut down the internal manager.

2. Make sure there are no FNDLIBR processes running as follows:

$ ps -ef| grep FNDLIBR

3. If there are any FNDLIBR processes, please kill them as:

$ kill -9 pid

4. Please run the Concurrent Manager Recovery feature to address any Concurrent Manager / Concurrent Processing issues within the Oracle Application Manager.  N

5. Start the internal manager once the script is complete and re-test.
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