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February 1, 2019

2/01/2019 04:45:00 PM

Oracle EBS:OM: Difference between Price List and Pricing agreement

Price List
Pricing Agreement
A standard price list is a list of price of items.
Agreements are of two types,
i) we can create over a standard price list
ii)we can create a agreement price list(with customer items)
Predefined price
When you enter a sales order in Oracle Order Management,and it uses an agreement price list, the payment terms and other terms default from those that you enter in agreement creation.
If a price list is attached to the sales order, then the qualifiers attached to the price list should be qualified.
If an agreement is attached to sales order, pricing engine will not go to qualify the qualifiers. Engine thinks that by default it is qualified But to have a control on evaluating qualifiers at the secondary price list you need to use the QP%Qualify%Secondary% profile.
Security Rules apply
Same as Standard price list or Agreement inherits security rules of attached price list.
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