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February 11, 2019

2/11/2019 02:37:00 AM

1) Which four modifier line types are available in Oracle Pricing? (Choose four.)
 A. Coupon
B. Discount 
C. Surcharge
D. Price Break
E. Freight and Special Charges

Answer: B, C, D, E


 2) Which four statements are true about Advance pricing modifiers?
(Choose four.)
A. You define discounts to mark down the list price.
B. You define surcharges to mark up the order price.
C. Modifiers can't be restricted to specific item categories
D. Order-level modifiers adjust only the pricing request's line.
E. Modifiers can remain independent of the price list, or you can use your price list as a qualifier.
F. A price break can be either discounts or surcharges. Price breaks can be on order quantity or amount

 Answer: A, B, E, 

3)Which application is used to set the profile options in Basic Pricing? 
A. Inventory 
B. Advanced Pricing 
C. Order Management 
D. Shipping Execution 
E. System Administration 


4)Which four statements are true about pricing formulas? (Choose four.)

A. The name is a unique identifier.
 B. The pricing engine uses the effective dates.
C. Step numbers may not be repeated in a formula.
D. The formula type numeric constant can be any numeric value. It can be a whole number or a decimal number.
E. The formula is an arithmetic expression made up of step numbers. Each step number is entered in the formula lines region.

Answer: A, B, D, E

5)Which definition correctly describes the functionality of pricing formulas?
 A. a formula that evaluates the criteria and the order in which to apply qualifiers
B. a mathematical computation that the pricing engine uses as an alternative to entering prices in a price list or to calculate a price adjustment
C. a formula that the price list uses to apply modifiers and qualifiers when the correct criterion is met
D. a mathematical computation that the order uses to determine which price list to apply to a given line based on the criteria set in the pricing parameters form Answer: B 
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