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March 20, 2019

3/20/2019 01:02:00 PM
How to load value set values in Oracle Fusion?

You can import a file containing values that you want to edit or add to a given independent or dependent value set. For example, uploading a hundred values may be more efficient than creating them individually using the Manage Value Sets task. However, for just a few values, it may be quicker to perform the relevant tasks.

To import value set values:
      1. Create a flat file containing the values in the value set that you want to add or update.  The first line of the flat file must contain the column names for the value set value data, including all mandatory columns, and separated by the '|' (pipe) character which is a delimiter. Each subsequent line should contain a row of data specified in the same order as the column names, also separated by the '|' character

    1. Login to Fusion Applications
    2. Click on Navigator icon.
    3. Select File Import and Export under Tools.
    4. Click on the Actions menu and select Upload.
    5. It will launch a popup, choose the flat file and Account.
    6. Click on 'Save and Close' to complete the Upload.
  1. Import the file using the appropriate Manage Value Sets setup task in the Setup and Maintenance work area. To import the file:
    1. Login to Fusion Applications.
    2. Navigate to appropriate Manage Value Sets UI.
    3. Search the Value Set .
    4. Select the Value Set in Search Results table .
    5. Select Import from Actions menu.
    6. In the File Name field, enter the name of the flat file you uploaded using the Files for Import and Export page.
    7. In the Account field, select the user account containing the flat file. Refer the above step 2.e for the account selected while uploading to content repository.
    8. Click on Upload.
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