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March 13, 2019

3/13/2019 04:55:00 PM
When we use relief types in Oracle HCM fusion setups?

Mainly when the employee has given additional charges with addition to his/her normal duties

For example 

Mr Ram being given an additional responsibility of Manager,
 a position in the same job family for a period of two months till a new person is hired.
 in this case select relief type as "Derived" 

Mr Shyam is the Vice President of the Sales division. He is asked to head the Marketing division for a period of one year. Since there is no fixed job rate for the Sales division, her payroll for the additional job must be calculated based on what is defined at the eligible job level.
In that case  Select relief type as Manual
·          Enter the start and end dates for the additional job
·          Enter the manual rate as per the industry standards
·          Select the frequency as Weekly

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