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March 7, 2019

3/07/2019 03:12:00 PM
Voting Regime
Serial - Each Approver/participant acts in turn.
Consensus - Every approver/participant involved must approve.
First Responder Wins - Only one approver/participant needs to perform an action and that will become the outcome.
Note: The 0-100% option allows for a specified amount of responses (as a percent) to control the final outcome, but is not initially supported.
 List Builders
Supervisor - Based on the HCM assignment of a supervisor to a person record, it walks the hierarchy and returns the names. It accepts the number of levels and starting position (e.g. initiator+2 levels up). At runtime this uses the HCM API's/Services to get the actual names.
Hierarchy - Uses the position hierarchy setup between jobs/positions in HCM. Here the starting level and the top level are specified (e.g. initiator, up to VP).
Approval Group - Is simply a predefined named list of people for approval, organized in a chain. Deriving this list at runtime from complex logic will require some customization.
Job Level - Is similar to the Hierarchy item, where the predefined job definitions are traversed to build the list.

Note: The additional options of Management Chain (taken from the LDAP user security store) and the Rule Based (internal rules) are not initially supported

Part-1   Oracle Fusion :Procurement Approval Terminology Part-1
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