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May 20, 2019

5/20/2019 12:54:00 PM

                                                   Difference  between Lookups and Value sets
A lookup type consists of lookup codes that are the values in a static list of values. Lookup code validation is a one to one match.
A table-validated value set can consist of values that are validated through a SQL statement, which allows the list of values to be dynamic.

Area of Difference
Lookup Type
Value Set
List of values
Dynamic if Table validation type
Validation of values
One to one match of meaning to code included in a lookup view, or through the determinant of a reference data set
By format or inclusion in a table
Format type of values
varchar2, number, and so on
Length of value
Text string up to 30 characters
Any type of variable length from 1 to 4000
Duplication of values
Never. Values are unique.
Duplicate values allowed
Managed by both administrators and end-users, except system lookups or predefined lookups at the system customization level, which cannot be modified.
Maintained by administrators, except some product flexfield codes, such as GL for Oracle Fusion General Ledger, which are maintained by end users

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