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May 26, 2019

5/26/2019 11:54:00 AM
The Position synchronization feature  address that issue as the customer can now choose to allow overrides of values set at the position. You can enable position synchronization at the enterprise and legal entity levels using the Manage Enterprise HCM Information and Manage Legal Entity HCM Information tasks (in the Setup and Maintenance work area) respectively.

Points to remember:
  • If synchronization is defined at both enterprise and legal entity level then the legal entity setups will override the setups at the enterprise level.
  • In case of a three-tier employment model, specify the position at the assignment level since position synchronization is not supported at the employment terms level.
  • It flexibility to choose the legal entity where you want to override e.g. if you have position synchronization override at the enterprise level, and one of your legal entities don’t allow overrides, you can still set the value of ‘Enable Position Synchronization’ to No at that specific legal entity.
  • If the position synchronization configuration is changed after person and assignments are created, then the Initialize Position Synchronization job must be run to apply the changes in assignments. You can apply the assignment changes as of the current date or a date in the future.
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