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May 24, 2019

5/24/2019 05:14:00 PM
Create various repeating periods to use as:
  • Time card periods
  • Approval periods
  • Absence accrual periods
You must use the same time period for the time card entry period and time card approval period(*as of now only weekly type of repeating period with one week or bi weekly Period Length are supported for Timecard and Approval period).
Time Card Periods
Time card periods determine how often workers must submit their time card. When you configure a worker time processing profile, you associate a repeating time period as the time card entry period. For example, if you want time reporters to submit time cards every week, then you must select a weekly repeating time period.
Approval Periods
An approval period is the date range during which the Approver can approve a submitted time card. When you configure a time consumer set, you associate a repeating time period as the approval period.
Absence Accrual Periods
An absence accrual period is a time interval in which workers accrue time within an accrual term. When you create an absence plan, use the repeating period to determine how often a worker accrues leave in an accrual term.

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