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June 29, 2019

6/29/2019 04:49:00 PM
Who are Suppliers:

  • Set up suppliers in the Suppliers window to record information about individuals and companies from whom you purchase goods and services. 
  • You can also enter employees whom you reimburse for expense reports. When you enter a supplier that does business from multiple locations, you store supplier information only once, and enter supplier sites for each location. 
  • You can designate supplier sites as pay sites, purchasing sites, RFQ only sites, or procurement card sites. For example, for a single supplier, you can buy from several different sites and send payments to several different sites. 
  • Most supplier information automatically defaults to all supplier sites to facilitate supplier site entry. However, you can override these defaults and have unique information for each site. 
  • The system uses information you enter for suppliers and supplier sites to enter default values when you later enter transactions for a supplier site. 
  • Most information you enter in the Suppliers window is used only to enter defaults in the Supplier Sites window. When the system enters that information in a later transaction, it only uses supplier site information as a default, even if the supplier site value is null and the supplier has a value. 
  • If you update information at the supplier level, existing supplier sites are not updated. When you enter a supplier, you can also record information for your own reference, such as names of contacts or the customer number your supplier has assigned to you.

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