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June 30, 2019

6/30/2019 10:20:00 PM
Issue:When attempting to apply invoice to the receipt and on giving the discount
The following error occurs:

APP-AR-11248: Discount taken is grater than the discount available

Cause:The issue is caused by the following setup of Payment Term
The setup causes the issue because in the Payment Term under discount button no discounts are entered.
Setup-> Payment term-> Discount

Receivables lets you give discounts to your customers when they pay for their debit items before a
certain date. Discounts are determined by the payment terms you assign to your customers.
To enter a discount percent, choose whether to allow discounts on partial payments, and select a
discount basis.This setup needs to be done in the payment term


1) The customer is to be setup for discounts. Allow discounts should be checked
(N) Customers/ sites-> Allow discounts should be checked

2) Please check whether the discount has been defined under the payment term , if not give the Discount percent and the number of days under the payment Term which is defined for the Customer

(N)Setup-> Payment Term->Discount

Give the Discount percent and number of days
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