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July 19, 2019

7/19/2019 03:27:00 PM
Oracle Fusion HCM :File Loader Limitations
  1. File-Based Loader Using File-Based Loader, you can load data in bulk, including business object history, from any data source to Oracle Fusion HCM. Here is the list of limitations for FBL:
  2.  Partial row set during incremental updates is not supported for work relationship/employment history. If you have sent N number of rows to Oracle Fusion HCM for an employee, you must send (N+1) rows during an incremental update.
  3.  “Fill in the gaps” type approach is not supported. For example, if you load an initial hire row and latest row for the go-live, and later try to load data in between these two rows to complete employment history, the load fails. This approach may work well for a few HR transactions but not for all and hence this is not a recommended method.
  4.  Salary is not a date-effective object so you cannot make date corrections once data is loaded.
  5. Multiple language translation is not supported by FBL. However, you can request scripts through a Service Request (SR)
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