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August 7, 2019

8/07/2019 11:34:00 AM
Oracle Fusion HCM :Absence Management Setups
Create Rate Definitions Create rate definitions to use in calculating absence payments, liability balance calculations, and salary reduction calculations.
Use the Manage Rate Definitions task in the Payroll Calculation work area.

Create Absence Elements Create an absence element for each absence plan that transfers absence payment information for payroll processing.
Use the Manage Elements task in the Payroll Calculation work area. These elements use the absences primary earnings classification.
During absence element definition, the template provides the option to automatically create the Final
Disbursements and Discretionary Disbursements elements.

Create Derived Factors Create derived factors to define how to calculate certain eligibility criteria that change over time.
Use the Manage Derived Factors task in the Absence Administration work area.

Create Eligibility Profiles Create eligibility profiles to define criteria that determine whether a person qualifies for objects that you associated with the profile.
Use the Manage Eligibility Profiles task in the Absence Administration work area.

Create Fast Formulas
Create any fast formulas needed to perform additional processing, such as:
• Days-to-hours conversions
• Absence entitlements based on employee attributes, such as grade
Use the Manage Fast Formulas task in the Payroll Calculation work area.

Create Absence Plans Create an absence plan, and select the absence element within the plan itself.
Use the Manage Absence Plans task in the Absence Administration work area.

Create Absence Types Create absence types, and associate your absence plans to them.
Use the Manage Absence Types task in the Absence Administration work area.
Enroll Employees in Absence Plans Enroll employees in the absence plan.
Process Accruals If an employee is enrolled in an accrual plan, you must run the accrual process.

Create Employee Absence Records
Record an absence for the employee by performing one of the following:
• Employee enters their absence through self-service
• You enter an absence for an employee using the Manage Absence Records task
This transfers the absence information to the payroll process, assuming the absence is approved and the option to transfer information to payroll is configured. This:
1. Creates or updates the absence calculation card.
2. Links the absence plan to the calculation component on the person's calculation card.

payroll that includes the absence entries. Then view the resulting absence balances on the person's
Statement of Earnings (SOE).
View Absence Balances Once you have processed and archived payroll, the employee's absence and accrual balances are displayed on their SOE, payslip, check advice, and reports.

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