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August 16, 2019

8/16/2019 11:57:00 AM

What are the main advantages of HCM Data Loader?

  • Multiple styles of keys, including user keys, source keys, Oracle Fusion surrogate IDs, and Oracle Fusion GUIDs
  • Support for data from any source and for most HCM business objects
  • Spreadsheet support for most objects supported by HCM Data Loader
  • Comprehensive user interface, including detailed information about object component hierarchies and their attributes
  • Support for both complete and incremental data loads
  • Simplified data-file structure
  • Configurable .dat file and spreadsheet templates
  • Flexfield support on all objects, including  extensible flexfields and people group key flexfield
  • Multiple Language Support (MLS)
  • Better error handling
  • Supported error extract report
  • Smoother loading experience
  • No need to generate GUIDs when data is loaded via the UI
  • Some objects, such as documents of record, with attachments support
  • Strategic data loading tool: continuous development of the tool to provide additional functionality, including support for objects currently supported by the Payroll Batch Loader

Which objects are supported by HCM Data Loader?

For information about supported objects, refer to the following resources:

The View Business Objects page in the Data Exchange work area, which lists all objects that HCM Data Loader supports
The Integrating with HCM guide on the Oracle Help Center at
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