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January 21, 2020

1/21/2020 01:42:00 PM
Complete Person Delete is not available in Fusion because the person object is an integral part of the application. This means that there can be many references to it from other applications 

But there are objects:
  • That can be deleted without restrictions, for example, phones, emails, and profile content, etc.
  • That have restrictions preventing the deletion of data such as person names, person legislative data, etc.
  • That have restrictions and dependencies and require a process to be run to remove the data that was generated from a process such as compensation, work relationships, etc.
You cannot cancel a work relationship if there is an active benefits relationship associated with it. Now if you want to cancel the work relationship, the following are the recommended steps to remove the benefits data:
Scenario 1: If a Benefit Relationship exists, but no life event data has been created:
  1. Query the person in the Enrollment work area.
  2. Go to the Benefit Relationship task.
  3. Delete the Benefit Relationships.
  4. Cancel the Work Relationship.
Scenario 2: If a Life Event is detected:
  1. Query the person on the Enrollment work area.
  2. Go to the Person Life Events task.
  3. On the Potential Life Events tab, delete any detected life events.
  4. Close the Person Life Events task.
  5. Go to the Benefit Relationship task.
  6. Delete the Benefit Relationship(s).
  7. Cancel the Work Relationship.
Scenario 3: If Enrollment Records exist:
  1. Query the person on the Enrollment work area.
  2. Access the Person Life Events task.
  3. On the Life Event tab, void and back out the life event. Don't forget to click Save.
  4. Access the Evaluation & Reporting work area.
  5. Go to the Processes tab.
  6. Access the Maintenance Processes section in the Processes tab of the Evaluation and Reporting work area.
  7. Run the Purge Backed-out or Voided Life Event Data process on your person.
  8. When processing is complete, return to the Enrollment work area.
  9. Access the Benefit Relationship task.
  10. Delete the Benefit Relationship(s).
  11. Finally, cancel the Work Relationship.

Work Relationship, Employment Term, and Assignment

If you're wondering what the Cancel Work Relationship process does, let us help you out. Simply put, it deletes all of the work relationship, employment term, and assignment details from the application. But remember that the process will only delete the data if the person does not have any payroll, benefit, compensation results, or direct reports. Also, if the work relationship being canceled is a primary work relationship, then it must be the only work relationship, otherwise another work relationship will need to be made primary to proceed with the process. However, if the work relationship that is being canceled is a secondary work relationship, then there must be an active primary work relationship.
Please note: If the user searches for the person after the work relationship has been canceled, they will not be returned in the person search.
Let's move forward to understand the procedure to cancel the work relationship:
  1. From the navigator, select Person Management.
  2. Then go to search and select the worker to open the Manage Person tab.
  3. Next, from the task pane select Manage Work Relationship.
  4. Click Actions and then select Cancel Work Relationship.
  5. Finally, click Submit and submit the transaction.
Please note: If a person is being hired with the matching details of name, date of birth, and national identifier of the person whose work relationship was canceled, the duplicate search functionality will return this person and they can be selected to create a new work relationship.

Person Number

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