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February 27, 2020

2/27/2020 12:04:00 AM
oracle fusion  hcm action plan types

Qualification Plans:This type is used to create an absence plan where workers qualify for the plan and receive payments during their absence period,like maternity leaves or long-term illnesses.

No Entitlement Plans:You'll create absence plans of this type to track paid or unpaid absences without maintaining an accrual balance or providing leave entitlements, like periodic accruals.
You can also use plans of this type in combination with a Qualification Plan.
For instance, you might use a No Entitlement plan to pay workers
if they aren't eligible for a standard maternity absence Qualification Plan.

Agreement Plans:These act in accordance with government-mandated rules of your
country and enable workers to curtail their maternity or adoption leave in order
to share it with their partner, like how a husband and wife might go on a maternity and paternity leave at the same time, but for a shorter term than if only one spouse were to go on leave.

Compensatory:Create absence plans of this type to track earned compensatory time
that can be used for time off. Compensatory time is offered as compensation
for working outside of regular work schedules. Instead of paying overtime,
an employer can create a policy to give paid time off.

Create absence plans of this type to track donated time that a worker receives.
 Workers can donate their accrual plan balance to a coworker who needs additional time
off and is eligible to receive the donated time
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