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February 20, 2020

2/20/2020 02:04:00 AM

How do I create a calendar event category?

In addition to the predefined Public Holiday event category, you can create your own calendar event categories by adding values to the Calendar Event Category lookup type.

When do calendar events affect workers?

When you include that event as an exception in a work schedule and assign it as a primary work schedule to the worker's assignment. However, if no work schedule exists for the worker's assignments, then the calendar events that cover the worker's location or department apply.

How do I change exceptions in work schedules for individual workers?

When you assign the schedule to a worker using the Manage Work Schedule Assignment page, you can change the exceptions and their impact to that worker's availability. For example, if you added a calendar event as an exception that impacts all workers, but want a particular worker to remain available to handle critical customer queries, you can change the availability for that exception.

How can I associate calendar events with countries?

On the Manage Trees page, you must create a geographic tree version using the predefined HCM Geographic Hierarchy tree structure and add country nodes. When you create a calendar event, you select that geographic tree version and select countries that you want the calendar event to apply to.

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