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January 5, 2021

1/05/2021 10:31:00 AM

 Modifiers enable you to set up price adjustments (for example, discounts and surcharges), benefits (for example, free goods and coupons), and freight and special charges that can be applied immediately to pricing requests or accrued for later disbursement. Using modifiers, you can:

Order Management Modifiers

  • Set up a modifier list with multiple modifier lines that define the terms of the price adjustment.

  • Create eligibility rules for modifiers by assigning list and line level qualifiers.

  • Define modifiers that are incompatible with other modifiers.

  • Create exclusive modifiers

The adjustment method (also known as the application method in the forms-based UI) determines how the modifier applies the price adjustment. You can select from the following adjustment methods:

  • Percent: Creates a percentage price adjustment on each unit based on the percentage entered in the Value field. For example, to apply a 10 percent discount, select percent as the adjustment method.

  • Amount: Creates a fixed price adjustment on each unit using the amount entered in the Value field.

  • Lumpsum: Creates a price adjustment for this lump sum amount on the entire line.

  • New price: Overrides the selling price of this item and makes the new price (defined in the Value field) the new selling price. Creates a price adjustment for the difference between the list price and the new price.


Select UNIT_LIST_PRICE-UNIT_SELLING_PRICE discount from oe_order_lines_all
where header_id=258322

will give the discount which was given for particualr order

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