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February 26, 2021

2/26/2021 04:09:00 PM

 Note: Area of responsibilities is NOT part of security roles (Duty or Job Role) it is separate from Security Profile.

 SELECT DISTINCT papfc.person_number,



                  ppnfv.full_name full_name,


    FROM (SELECT papf.person_id,



                 (SELECT DISTINCT

                    FROM hr_locations_all_f hlaf

                   WHERE hlaf.location_id = paam.location_id

                         AND SYSDATE BETWEEN hlaf.effective_start_date

                                         AND hlaf.effective_end_date)








            FROM per_all_people_f papf, per_all_assignments_m paam

           WHERE 1 = 1 AND paam.person_id = papf.person_id

                 AND SYSDATE BETWEEN paam.effective_start_date

                                 AND paam.effective_end_date

                 AND SYSDATE BETWEEN papf.effective_start_date

                                 AND papf.effective_end_date

                 AND paam.effective_latest_change = 'Y'

                 AND paam.assignment_type IN ('E')) per,

         per_person_names_f_v ppnfv,

         per_asg_responsibilities par,

         per_all_people_f papfc,

         per_email_addresses pea

   WHERE 1 = 1 AND papfc.person_id = par.person_id

         --AND per.person_number=NVL(:P_PERSON,10)

         AND SYSDATE BETWEEN ppnfv.effective_start_date

                         AND ppnfv.effective_end_date

         AND ppnfv.person_id = papfc.person_id

         AND SYSDATE BETWEEN papfc.effective_start_date

                         AND papfc.effective_end_date

         AND papfc.primary_email_id = pea.email_address_id(+)

         AND (NVL (, NVL (, 1)) = NVL (, 1)

              OR NVL (, NVL (per.legislation_code, 1)) =

                    NVL (per.legislation_code, 1))

         AND NVL (par.business_unit_id, NVL (per.business_unit_id, 1)) =

                NVL (per.business_unit_id, 1)

         AND NVL (par.legal_entity_id, NVL (per.legal_entity_id, 1)) =

                NVL (per.legal_entity_id, 1)

         AND NVL (par.organization_id, NVL (per.organization_id, 1)) =

                NVL (per.organization_id, 1)

         AND NVL (par.location_id, NVL (per.location_id, 1)) =

                NVL (per.location_id, 1)

         AND NVL (par.position_id, NVL (per.position_id, 1)) =

                NVL (per.position_id, 1)

         AND NVL (par.job_id, NVL (per.job_id, 1)) = NVL (per.job_id, 1)

/*AND par.responsibility_type IN ('')*/

ORDER BY par.responsibility_type, papfc.person_number

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