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July 29, 2021

7/29/2021 11:59:00 AM

Application Implementation Consultant is a powerful role that has unrestricted access to a large amount of data. After the implementation is complete, we have to revoke this role from all users. 

Path  Implementation Users > Revoke Data Role.

What Are System User Names?

For example, a person's party number, person number, or email might not be available when the user account is requested. In such cases, a system user name is generated by applying these options, in the order they're listed, until a unique user name is obtained.

  • Email
  • FirstName.LastName
  • If only the last name is available, a random character is prefixed to the last name.

What is location based access?

You can use location based access to control user access to tasks and data based on their roles and computer IP addresses.

How to enable location based access?

Enable Location-Based Access

Path  Navigator > Security Console.

On the Administration page, click the Location Based Access tab.

Select Enable Location Based Access.

In the IP Address Whitelist text box, enter one or more IP addresses separated by commas. For example,, To indicate a range of IP addresses, you may follow the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) notation, such as

Note: You can enter the IP address (IPv4 only) range suffix only up to 32 in the IP Address Whitelist text box. For example, to

Tip: Your computer's IP address appears on the page. Add that IP address to the list so that your access to the application remains unaffected when you sign in from that computer.

Click Save.

Review the confirmation message and click OK.

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