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August 10, 2021

8/10/2021 10:37:00 PM
Oracle fusion HCM:Absence type


Effect of Enabling

Approval processing

All absence submissions must be approved.

Approvals reset on update

When you update an already scheduled absence, it resets approvals and goes through manager approval again. For example, the status changes from Scheduled to Awaiting approval.

Deferred processing

An absence that you schedule doesn't have any impact on accrual balance or entitlements until you confirm the absence. You must run the Evaluate Absences process to confirm deferred absences.

Additional payload attribute

Helps you configure the absence approval flow according to your organization needs. This allows more flexibility in routing approvals within your organization.


Enable workers to receive concurrent entitlements through different absence types for absences scheduled for the same time and day.

Payable after termination

Enable workers to receive qualification entitlements even after termination. For example, in some legislations even though employment may end, the absence entitlement for maternity or adoption leave may continue to be paid.

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