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August 10, 2021

8/10/2021 07:50:00 PM

What is Daily Absence Duration?What is the use of it ?

For that you have to use Allow Daily Absence Duration Override rule 

This rule is useful when workers are working variable hours and the employer doesn't want to change the work schedule.

Oracle fusion HCM Absence Types

To enable the override daily duration rule:

  1. In the Absences work area Tasks panel tab, click  on Absence Types.

  2. Click Create to open the Create Absence Type dialog box.

  3. Select the pattern.

  4. Click Continue to open the Create Absence Type page.

  5. In the Type Attributes tab, enter the name.

  6. Select the legislative data group.

  7. Select the Display Features tab.

  8. In the Dates and Duration section Override daily duration row, select Enabled.

  9. Click Save and Close to return to the Absence Types page.

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