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August 16, 2021

8/16/2021 11:38:00 AM

                             Steps to implement MIN-MAX plan

1)Create Item-set min-max values Inventory plan min max

2)create a blanket agreement

3)Add Vendor-Managed Inventory Analyst role to  the <user>

4)Go to Supplier chain planning -->supply chain colobaration-->Go To VMI network and add supplier there to see the data the supplier portal

5)Run Print Min-Max Planning Report

6) Run Process Supply Chain Orchestration Interface

It will automatically create purchase requisition and as well as purchase order.


 Create an item which has pre-requisite setup as follows

  a) Item has default buyer

  b) Replenishment source type = Supplier under item -> Specifications -> Planning tab

  c) Inventory planning method should be "Min-Max planning"

  d) Item should contain list price under the organization for which you are trying to replenish

2) Under Manage Inventory Organization Parameters > Item Sourcing Details Tab, set Type = Supplier.

3) INV_MINMAX_REORDER_APPROVED profile option is set as "Pre-pproved" at site level.

4)Available quantity = (Onhand + Supply) - demand

If the Available quantity is > than the Minimun quantity, no purchase order will be created

5)you can check the errors in the table POR_REQ_IMPORT_ERRORS 

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